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My Coton of Love

The cotons of Tuléar

Welcome to the Mon Coton D’Amour website.

I hope that this visit will allow you to learn a little more about this remarkable breed that is the Coton de Tuléar.


In these pages you have information on this ball of love and this super kissing machine that is Coton de Tuléar. Whether you are looking for the right breed for you or the coton of your dreams, I hope these pages help you. But, sensitive hearts be advised: love at first sight is imminent!!


Anyone who comes more than three feet from this little white ball is won over forever. In addition to its plush doggie appearance, it has a softness that is very similar to silk or velvet. But what is most extraordinary about this little dog is his temperament. Comfortable in his coton skin, intelligent, curious, joyful, calm, affectionate, funny, he masters the art of charm very well. He seems to have inherited the finest qualities of the canine family.

A coton becomes deeply attached and devoted to his family, he is comfortable in his own skin and loves everyone, especially children. He is generally exuberant in his emotional display. Kisses…kisses…and more kisses…

He likes to have attention and caresses when you offer them, but he is still moderate and not invasive in his requests. He is emotionally sensitive to what is happening around him, and seems to have antennae allowing him to recognize different emotions; joy, pain, fear etc... Your relationship with a little coton can be one of the most wonderful, tender, deep, subtle and certainly full of mischief. As an adult, the coton tail weights between 10 and 17 pounds with the average being 12 pounds and has a life expectancy of 15 to 18 years. He has iron health.

As a puppy, of course, he will be more dependent, more playful and more demonstrative. Briefly, the Coton de Tuléar tends to be calm and thoughtful as much as he can be a real clown, but he is a robust, determined and tireless dog. He loves walking, running and even swimming.

Little coton thrives on sincere friendship and wants to be wherever you are. The dream life for him is to be with you in the house and to hang out with you when you leave, with periods where he is alone and learning to breathe well without being around humans.

However, you must be careful that he does not develop separation anxiety. I would say this is the weak point of this breed.

Due to its great intelligence, its good capacity for attention and concentration as well as its great desire to please you, the Coton de Tuléar is a dog that is easy to train. He responds very well to positive reinforcement.

But no matter what breed of dog you choose, if you do not assume your authority, the dog will do so sooner or later with more or less consequences for the one who should hold this leadership. This is why he must obey educational rules in order to promote appropriate behavior and inhibit undesirable behavior.

Nearly 65% of Cotons de Tuléar are borned white or white with a little champagne. 35% are tricolore and a low 5% are black and white. You should know that the vast majority of these puppies will lose their colors within the first year. I like to joke that they fade when washed...

The coton wool's hair is... cottony and it does not shed, which makes it a low allergenic dog. People who usually have respiratory reactions rarely show allergic symptoms, but those who have skin reactions could still be allergic. The best is therefore to put yourself in contact with a small coton pad to be sure.

Of course, nothing beats a good conversation where I can answer all your questions. I therefore invite you to contact me if you feel like it.

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