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Our philosophy

A family environment

We are a professional and ethical breeder, since  2005.  We fell in love with Coton de Tuléar.  


We have at home Poupée who is now 14 years old and Téo who is 3 years old, always ready to serve these ladies.


Our breeding dogs do not live in kennels or enclosures and even less in the back of a yard. Each of our dogs lives in what we call a “foster family”. He therefore has a completely balanced family life, in a loving and stimulating environment.  This family will be his or hers all his or her life, because once retirement arrives,  he or she will stay with them forever.


Once the lady is in heat, we arrange dates for the honeymoon….  and everyone returns to their families afterwards. Mom therefore spends the gestation with her host family.


A week before the due date, the mother arrives here with her suitcase. We give him an x-ray to know the number of puppies to come and especially check the size of the babies. She will stay with us for two months for the maternity period, and then return to her family and her daily life... The puppies will leave a few days later to their adoptive families.


What is it like to be a breeder?

Being a good breeder requires availability 24/7. Cottons are always given priority in our life. They require constant care and they are completely dependent on us. We handle the puppies from birth and ensure that they build their trust in humans and in themselves.


Being an ethical breeder requires great integrity in decision-making and choice of parents. We have a moral and professional responsibility to preserve the breed and improve it. We must therefore make our decisions based on values and principles.


Health first

Our breeding goal is to have healthy dogs, with excellent temperament, good head and hair. All our parents are certified for eyes (CERF) and for patelars (OFA), hips and elbows for males.


We also carry out DNA tests (screening for more than 170 diseases) in order to eliminate the most common health problems in small breeds, and on 8 diseases in particular that could affect our little cotons.  See the DNA testing section for more information.


We offer a two-year health guarantee on any genetic health issues that would compromise your coton's quality of life.


The choice of puppy in the litter is made according to the character and temperament of the puppy. It is therefore not a choice based on physique or gender. We therefore try to make the best possible marriages between the expectations of families, their lifestyle and the small coton.

When to adopt?

The timing of adoption is essential. You must have time to give your puppy socialization. A new experience per day will allow him to; meet new people; visit new places where there are lots of noises, smells, movements; driving, etc.


The period of 0-12 months is key in its development.

When reserving your little coton of love I will send you a book with a lot of information (socialization, education, grooming, diet, vaccination, etc. ..), helping you prepare for the arrival of your puppy.

Photos and videos!

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 10.40.25 PM.png

From birth, and every week, I take  photos and videos that I post on Facebook; for families who are expecting their little coton, with comments on their development. The wait is therefore more exciting. Each puppy is identified by a small colored ribbon. We will then talk about orange, pink, or blue….


When they leave home, at 8 weeks, they have been vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and the vet has done a complete health exam.


Under the adoption contract, you are required to have your puppy sterilized before the age of 7 months. Once you give me proof of sterilization, I will send you the pedigree of your little coton of love. We register Cotons de Tuléar with the Canine Federation of Canada.


This means that we are very present with our adoptive families, both before adoption and after the arrival of the puppy in your life. I continue to study, read, accumulate training in the constant desire to know more and always do better.



Specialized Baccalaureate in Criminology

Zootherapy Quebec

International School of Animal Therapy

Center for Animal Behavior Studies (canine behaviorist)

Magister Cyno


AZCA dog behavior and psychology

Refresh, April 2023

Food, by Patte D’eau Bio

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 10.43.56 PM.png

Letter from a dog mother to her baby's future owners...

I am the mother of the baby you hold in your arms as if you were the one who gave birth to him. On the one hand, I see that you only want good for him, but please be careful! He's not used to being carried this high!

Yes ! He is shaking ! No, he's not cold! He doesn't know you... you know, my baby already has feelings! He has now only known me, his brothers, and our masters, so obviously he doesn't understand everything! He already doesn't understand why you stick your nose to his nose! We say hello while sniffing each other's behinds!!!

But I told him this day would come and I prepared for it! Look…he’s already licking you!

No !! He didn't choose you! He’s like that… he doesn’t know anything other than love!  No, I'm not sad that you're taking it with you! I just want you to respect him already...

You ask a lot of questions about him! Is it clean? Is he wise? Are human children perfect this early? Why should my baby be and not yours?

Does he know the leash? No ! And if you want to be accomplices with him, you'll have to be the one to teach him! Not tomorrow ! He doesn't know you! Why should he follow you?

You don't know how to do it?

It either !

You are going to go to your house with my baby. Please understand that it is not perfect! He's going to cry because he's going to be all alone tonight, and he doesn't know you or your home!

He will probably pee and poop not where you want.

If the first days will be complicated for you, who chose it, tell yourself that for my baby, it's an upheaval too. Take care of him, understand a little of what he is going through.

Don’t let your children argue with him or stifle him with all their love. Let him arrive, get his bearings and understand that this is his house!

He will quickly forget me and his siblings. He will only have eyes for you. But be patient!

He will follow you everywhere and you will have to teach him to be alone too, otherwise... he will cry. He will not be aware that he will bother your neighbor and besides the real tragedy is that you will not be there!!!

Maybe he will chew your shoes, the furniture, your rugs or your hands. My baby doesn't have hands to touch everything! He touches with his mouth... how did yours do it?

My baby might be able to eat your tapestry, I saw a little human boy drawing on a cupboard!!!

But… my baby will grow faster than yours!

He will become a teenager! Yes ! We are also becoming teenagers here! He will want to be the boss and will revert to his childhood… and you will pull your hair!!! But please, show him that you don't agree, keep your cool, and don't forget that adolescence only lasts a while!

And then he will become an adult, and there he will be that dog you dreamed of... If you have trained him well! If he pulls on the leash, for example, it’s because you let him pull!! If he jumps on your sofa full of mud, when he comes back from the walk... it's because from the first day, you took him on your lap to watch TV! If he eats your pretty new heels, it's because you gave him an old slipper one day! I myself have never really understood the difference between an old slipper and your favorite high heels.

Now that you are leaving with him, at the gate of the breeding farm, begin your work! Please do it, for his well-being and yours, or leave him to me.

If you go with him, you have to keep him all his life and take care of him! If you have a life on the side, he will only have you... because YOU will be his whole life!

Or leave it to me...

My baby is not a whim, nor a toy, nor a gift… it’s true! My baby is a living being, with feelings, capable of the worst, as well as the best, and if you follow my advice, and if you keep your promises... then you will cry all the tears in your heart on his last day, you will feel a huge void, and you will say that your dog, your best friend, YOUR baby was...


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